I have taken the plunge and have dived into a series of changes to my website code.

First, I will not be pushing to the master branch until I get things working-ish again so updates to my website should not be interrupted.

So why exactly am I doing this? That is a great question, and I feel that I have enough reason now to make a change that this is justified.

  1. The website layout and format could use an update. Something that looks more professional would be great too!

  2. The website code should be open sourced so I can showcase it as another one of my projects. Call this goal yet another part of my attempt to improve the quality of my online presence.

  3. Simplify the automation from a mish-mash, patchwork of bash and python hacks. This one is important to me. I get lots of logs from the stuff that I do have running but it isn’t the most robust; some settings are duplicated and nothing is centralized in any meaningful way.

    I have a tasks directory of random scripts. I’m going to rewrite them all to be python scripts. They can be uber simple as long as they are documented. I’ll probably have a library for common things like calling bash commands and loading the config file. Once everything is in python I can extract all the config to an ini file that lives in the users home directory. If the list of tasks to execute for pre and post processing is defined in the user’s config file along with paths to all the content then the repository itself becomes reuseable for other website instances. Once the website repo becomes reusable then it can be open sourced.

  4. A related but also important goal is to be able to split up my site into smaller pieces. I’ll be able to include the fretboardfreak.com domain in the fold and I’ll be able to have sections of documentation and news about my projects, there can be a section specific for pictures, etc.

We’ll see how this change goes. Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long!

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