A growing list of things I’ve learned so far.

Warning: Nerdy Content Ahead


The Terminal App seems to be fine so far. It has more features than some of the default terminals that come with some linux distros. After installing Homebrew and then some of the familiar programs that I use everything has been peachy so far.

The terminal itself runs Bash, which is nice. It means that my existing bashrc profile loaded almost right away. The first note though, is that on OSX the bashrc needs to be placed at ~/.profile.

The next thing I found is that some fo the core tools like ls are non-gnu - not surprising - which means that some of my aliases needed to be modified and that many of my scripts do not work correctly due to formatting differences. For example the --color=auto flag that is usually required to get color output from ls is not accepted on the OSX version. It’s going to take a while to get everything bent back into shape.

Oh also the filesystem is not case sensitive… grumble, grumble.

Launching GUI Apps

From the Terminal an application can be launched with the open command. It appears to be like the xdg-open command in Xorg in that it opens files in the appropriate program. Without a file, or if you want to force the use of a specific program you can use -a <program-name> to launch the app you need:

open -a "Google Chrome"



Window Management

I miss my tiling window manager. I got frustrated within a day of having to resize and manage and fiddle around with the windows. Oh now I have to resize this window… now that window doesn’t fit… and on and on it went.

Searching around I found Amethyst So far it isn’t too bad. It’s a bit weird when the window is small but otherwise it is working for me.

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