Just because it makes me sick doesn’t mean I didn’t start binge watching the series as soon as I finished the first episode…

… It doesn’t mean that, but I did start binge watching the whole season, but it doesn’t mean that, necessarily.

I could never be a lawyer. I could never calmly poke back and forth at each other where the most inflammatory statement you could make is that a Cop was not behaving ethically.

I’m addicted to the series… I sort of need to see how it ends. At this time I only have a few episodes left so it isn’t much further a time investment.

For sure, I think I can say that my blood pressure increases while watching this series. I guess that might be their goal, in a sick perverted sense.

On the bright side, I made myself a nice fresh Rib Eye from Acme Meat Market and turned on the next episode. Not a sponser or anything but I really like the Acme Meat Shop! Tweet them @acmemeatmarket if you like them too!

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