A quick note on a few more tiny additions that were recently added.

The most obvious one is the Twitter feed in the sidebar. I should show a bunch of my latest tweets in Twitter. Send me a message, or follow me on Twitter at @fretboardfreak.

Also added to the sidebar, just above the Twitter feed are a couple of new links to my bitbucket and to my github accounts. All this is a part of an attempt to create a more integrated, professional looking web presence. I want to be able to tie the various techno-babble that I spew onto the internet together and it seems that associating these various accounts goes a long way to increasing ones footprint.

Finally, and I hope it is working, I think I managed to fix the favicon meta-link for the website finally. So now, if you have this website bookmarked you should see a little guitar icon instead of the default blank document. Furthermore, fixing that link means that I no longer see any javascript errors when I load the site too.

Another change that I’m thinking about making in the near future will be to replace the livefyre comment system with links to twitter. It still means that you need to have an account to send me comments but I’m hoping that it might spawn more interaction simply because more people have Twitter accounts than livefyre accounts. I’ll dive deeper into that thought at another time though.

One additional change that I’m going to make in the near future will be to remove the git submodules containing the content of the site from the repository that holds the software and website templates. I think it will be fairly easy to do that, and to also move some of the config files from the website repository into one of the content repos. This and a bit of refactoring in the pre-process scripts should mean that the website repository could be open sourced. Another step towards increasing my professional web presense is the public release of functional code (especially when proof of the functionality can be seen in something like this website).

Eventually I really want to spend a bunch more time working on the "About the Site" page so that more of the details of how this website has evolved are recorded. It has been a good combination of software evolution, trial and error and learning.

Whelp, that’s enough rambling for now. …until next time.

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