To all the anti-mac hold outs out there: "Jump on, the bandwagon still has room!"

Okay, I’ll admit that in this day and age the Apple OS ecosystem is a lot less extreme in a lot of dimensions. Their prices are now basically competitive for the hardware that you get and the software environment is more inviting/forgiving than on Windows. Most of the tools and programs that do not have linux builds will offer Mac solutions now. Truthfully, the dark side has now become anything that Microsoft releases.

As for my foray into OSX… It has yet to start in earnest.

That said, I have finally received the text message/email stating that my order has arrived and that I need to go pick it up. So my own personal piece of what once was the dark side will soon be in my possesion.

I have a bunch of plans for things that I want to try and set up and get working.

  1. first on the list of course is dvorak, that should be just basic configuration though
  2. next comes the macports stuff. I needs my familiar tools; macports promises to provide most of them.
  3. Steam, Elite Dangerous, KSP
  4. Virtual Machines running a VM that will host docker images
  5. Tiling Window Management: Amethyst seems free if not open source…

Oh man, my chores around the apartment are going to suffer over the next little while…

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