Okay, I admit it I broke down. I have now purchased Elite Dangerous twice.

I was a long time hold out, hoping that the Frontier devs would give us either free or cheap access to steam keys for the games that so many of us had purchased. Eventually it was obvious that we weren’t getting any handouts like that. For a long time I had just decided to use ED outside of Steam exclusively and forget about tying the game to my Steam account.

Then there was a sale. For $15 or so I managed to pick up a copy of ED in Steam. My Frontier account is the same so I don’t lose any part of the save file which is great, but now my playtime and screenshots can be posted to Steam alongside my other games. Yay!

So this morning I’ve put together a short Rare Goods trading route and am currently zipping around in my ASP raising funds. I’ve nearly kitted out all of the internal modules in the ASP already; a few modules still need to be upgraded to A quality versions though. I also need to raise more funds so I can max out my weapon and utility mounts with the best of the best. This Asp will be my main all round ship so I want the weapons and modules to be the best that I can afford and find. I need to take it slow though because I was nearly bankrupt when I started this morning. I spent too much on weapons last time I played; so for a while this morning I was flying around, unable to afford the insurance on my ship. Not a thing I would recommend doing; not a thing I want to repeat.

I’m really loving this game a lot still!

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