Broken almost every time I try to use it.

If linux systems are the armored vehicles of the operating system world then Windows systems are balsa wood sleds.

Oh you interrupted the boot process … deleted some files that you don’t use … disabled some services you don’t need … hard cycled the power …

If you did that to the armored vehicle it wouldn’t notice. As long as the kernel is unmolested the armored vehicle of linux just ignores it or might even run faster if unused programs/files are removed.

However, I typed the description of those actions within a 10 foot radius of a PC with a Windows partition and all of a sudden Windows decides it needs to spend 15 minutes in a recovery dialogue, DOING NOTHING, before I’m allowed access to my OS. Then when I log in it nags me about updates and other bullshit. JUST LET ME USE MY COMPUTER!

If only Elite Dangerous worked in linux… It’s now the only reason I boot into my Windows partition.

I use a Windows VM for work but that’s not too bad, but it only works because I revert it back to a snapshot I made the one time that I got it to work. The snapshot lets me revert back to "that one time windows worked right".

Before I end my rant, you might wonder my opinion of the Mac OSX and where it fits in the above… It’s based on Unix and shares a lot of internals with many linux systems… so, sorry to say it Microsoft but if Windows is a balsa wood sled and Linux is a armored vehicle then Mac OSX is a shiny, limo with leather seats and bulletproof windows.

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