Ugh… Microsoft and their Windows 10 crap showed up on my PC.

I’ve been reading about the Windows 10 nagware B.S. for a while now but I had not yet seen sign of it on my own Windows 7 installations. That is, until today.

It started nagging me when I booted into Windows this weekend to play some video games. I don’t really have a very much patience for poor software and nagging adds, so the first strike was the last strike. I immediatly struck out to try and eradicate the nagware and avoid the update as long as I can.

I’ve discovered that Microsoft are a bunch of underhanded fu&%wits and have gone to great lengths to make zombie nagware that reinstalls itself and after some time, resets your update preferences to allow itself to be reintstalled and other nefarious behaviours. The people who paid through the nose for one of the pro versions of windows 7 or 8 have some group policy and registry settings that can be used to help in this area. Those of us - including myself - who only have the Home edition are more fu&%ed than the rest.

From my research these are the best steps that I can find for Windows 7 Home edition users:

  1. Remove the Nagware "Windows Update" packages. Go into the Programs and Features dialogue through the Control Panel and then click on the "View Updates" link. This should show a list of updates with codenames like KB1234567.

    Remove the following updates and choose the "reboot later" option so we only need to reboot once: "KB3035583", "KB3021917", "KB3022345".

  2. To prevent those "Windows Updates" packages from being automatically reinstalled I needed to completely disable Windows Updates. I’ve also elected to hide those three updates so that it is easier for me to manually choose the updates to install periodically. I manually manage the updates on all my other PC’s so it is no big deal to me to upgrade one more OS.

  3. That’s not it. Apparently the fu&%s at Microsoft have alse created two services that execute periodically to undermine the user’s preference and force the nagware to be reinstalled. So right click the word "Computer" in the start menu, choose the "Manage" option in the menu and through the "Task Scheduler" disable the following two services:

    Computer Management -> Task Scheduler -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Application Experience
        Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser


From my reading there is indication that the update "KB3065987" should be kept because it blocks some portion of the update nagware. I dan’t have proof either way though so perhaps you should do your own research about that specific update.

These are the steps I’ve taken on my own Windows 7 Home Edition installation. I guess only time will really tell if it is working or if the dickheads at Microsoft are going to find some way to work around it again.

The world would be a better place if the entire Microsoft company was liquidated and all assets were donated to the Gates Foundation. Microsoft may have made Gates rich, but the Gates Foundation is the only positive thing he’s done for the world.

Microsoft is just another member of the coporate plague that undermines the integrity of the individual and of society.

You might ask, "Why then do you own a Windows license". In response I might ask, "You get a flu shot don’t you?"

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