I have been awake for nearly an hour already today and it’s still only five in the morning.

I tossed and turned for nearly half an hour before I gave up and got out of bed at around twenty after four. During the week that would only be an hour and a half before my alarm goes off, which isn’t such a horrible thing.

I’m getting up so early now because some team changes at work mean that most of the team is in India; an 11.5 hour time difference between us. To have our meetings we have resorted in North America to early morning meetings while our colleagues in India get to meet during their evenings.

As working environment that team setup just sucks. The schedule however does not bother me because it has allowed me to shift my typical working hours closer to 7-3 than 9-5. This means that even during the longest winter days I get to leave work while the sun is still out.

For whatever reason though, I was unable to sleep in this morning. So now I am up, having coffee at 5 AM on a Saturday. Obviously the logical thing to do is fly a spaceship around the galaxy for a few hours.

I’m using the EDDB website to maximize the profit of a short 2 stop trade route for the Type 7. The goal, as mentioned in my recent ED posts is to save up for a Type 9 Cargo Hauler. At around 3K profit per ton it is slow going but progress is being made. I’m sitting on just over 10M creds and it is slowly increasing.

The biggest profit maker is the trading. Routes like this short loop aren’t very good for selling exploration data because you are repeating the route over and over. As such I’m tempted to replace the Advanced Discovery Scanner on my Type 7 with more cargo space. We shall see…

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