Haulin’ normal goods can be the most profitable gig if you have enough room in your cargo hold.

As I mentioned in my last ED post, my current main ship is an Asp Explorer. Fully kitted out it is just a beaut to fly. However, with only room for 80 Tons of cargo it’s hard to make much of a profit hauling around normal goods. Even if you can come up with a loop that nets you better than 3K credits/ton of profit you are still barely making 250K peer circuit.

So in the Asp I have been flying a rare goods trading route that can bump that profit margin to a more reasonable range. However, I think it’s possible to do better in order to work up the >150M credit price tag for the Type 9 Hauler that I want to purchase.

Over the last week or so I have been raising funds to purchase and outfit a Type 7 hauler though. I believe I mentioned this plan in my last post. The Type 7 is now fully kitted out with class A power and drive units and class D everything else and as much cargo space as I can manage. I’m fairly conservative with my ship builds though so I’ve left a class 4A shield generator installed, added a class 2 fuel scoop and an Advanced Discover Scanner as my internal equipment and two class A shield boosters and two point defense turrets on my external utility mounts. The weapons are two turreted canons and two turreted beam lasers, all class 1. Fully loaded it can jump about 17Ly and can carry 208 Tons of cargo.

At 3K credits per ton the Type 7 can net 625K credits per loop. Through the eddb.io website you can find relatively short loops in that profit range. Once you make the trip to the location of the loop it can be a bit tedious but a 10 minute cycle for better than half a mil. makes this a much more profitable gig than rare goods trading in the Asp.

So now I have my strategy in place for raising the funds needed to purchase a Type 9 hauler and continue climbing up the ladder. I will not be selling my Type 7 or the Asp however. When I started ED, I sold each ship as soon as I could afford the upgrade just so that I could sit in the next ship sooner. I regretted that however when I wanted to try bounty hunting instead of trading because it costed a lot to refit the only ship that I had. I’m going to try and keep my bank account flush with enough cash to cover any insurance price and any price for cargo that I may encounter. That way I will have more options for gameplay later.

Perhaps at some point the Horizons extension will go on a decent Steam Sale. I would be very tempted to get the extension if it hit decent enough sale price…

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