I hate being sick.

It’s one thing to have a cough or a runny nose. That is not what I have been dealing with though. I would much rather have dealt with that for a week than what I’ve been suffering through the last two days.

It was a long weekend this week so we had Monday off. Monday evening I started noticing that I had a bit of a chill but at the same time I was starting to sweat for no apparent reason.

Tuesday morning the chills and sweats were clearly a full blown fever. The fever, as is so often the case was also joined by burning eyes, low energy, and body aches of all sorts. I tried to work from home a little bit but I was completely unproductive. I had to take a sick day for the first time in a long time.

Today, I’m still fighting off the fever and its related symptoms. I’ve been taking tylenol and drinking oodles of liquids and I think the fever might have actually started to break. I still feel achy and gross but I’m not sweating through my clothes, so that’s nice.

Here’s to hoping that the worst is over. It would be nice to have this licked, so that I feel more normal, by tomorrow?

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