I got into a situation today in which I was not entirely comfortable.

I had stopped in at the mall so that I could pick up some herbal tea from David’s Teas. While I was walking through the mall I saw the body shop.

Living in dry Edmonton - the dessicant city - I find that I drink a lot more fluids and my skin gets really dry. On one hand I’ve taken to making my own iced tea and coffee drinks. On the other hand I need to shop for lotion…

If you have never walked the gauntlet of the perfume department at The Bay, or if you have never tried to pick your one favorite candy at some jumbo, bulk candy store then you may not quite understand how it feels to walk into The Body Shop as a basic dude, uninitiated in the ways of lotions, and laves, and potions.

That said, the store was empty but for the employees, both of whom were great and helped me find what I wanted. An empty store meant that I didn’t have to worry about somebody overhearing my stupid questions and thinking I’m a dummy.

After all that, I chose two items and went to the cashier. She rang up the items and then said, "Today we have a 2 for 1 promotion. You can pick any third item you’d like for free today!"

Oh the mixed feelings! "Yay, free stuff!" versus "You mean I have to pick something else?"

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