For the last week I was down in North Carolina for the NASCAR CocaCola600 with my family.

The trip was well timed, since it lined up with my birthday at the end of May. My parents and their NASCAR friends Jim and Julie invited my brother and I down for the race because they decided to rent a very special condo for the week. The condo was right on turn 1 of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, with a full view of the entire track from the living room.

At the beginning of the week we took a tour of the NASCAR hall of fame which was pretty cool. We got to see a lot of trivia pieces and a ton of neat stuff about the long history of it all.

At the end of the trip we had a day at the Carolinas Aviation Museum, which had a big series of displays on the US Airways Flight 1549 crash. Flight 1549 was when an Airbus A320 left New York towards Charlotte in January 2009, but encountered a flock of Canadian Geese and was forced to crash land into the Hudson. It was big news in Canada so it was neat to be able to see and learn about it all.

I took a ton of pictures over the course of the trip. They were all on my phone. But it turns out, when the conditions are right, my new phone takes pretty decent pictures. I took more pictures than I feel my gallery code on my website will be able to handle reasonably, so here I’ll link to my Google Photos album. I’ll try to leave that album up at least until I find, or write, some faster gallery code for my website.

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