Yesterday was a day of gluttony in the park. It was marvelous.

I went to the Heritage Festival once, back when I was at University still. I remember that it was a big event about different cultures and that it involved food.

Holy cow, was it larger than I expected. I’m not sure how many countries were represented but it was a pretty full park. Hawrelak park is fairly large and it was pretty much all occupied with pavilions.

The park was sprinkled with small stages where the various countries were able to have displays or shows. There was everything from Highland River Dancing and a Scandanavian Viking Ship to Dancers of Uganda, and Martial Art’s displays from China/Hong Kong/Japan. It was pretty darn cool.

Some of the food that I can remember trying:

  • Guatemalan Tamale
  • Koreon Bulgogi Beef Taco
  • Peruvean Corn Punch (Super Yummy! Would recommend!)
  • Equadorean Churro with chocolate sauce
  • Greek Dolmades
  • Uganda Beef Skewer

We got pretty lucky yesterday with the weather too. I guess on Saturday the park was evacuated due to the Lightning Storm that hit mid-day. Yesterday, around 2-3ish the clouds tried to threaten rain but ended up just blowing over. Last night it poured though so I expect the park to be a bit soggy for the festival goers today.

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