A timestamp for a title? Yeah, I role like that.

At least, I do when I’m not creative enough to come up with a better title. I’m getting things rolling and waiting for a build script to run at work right now. On the side I’m watching the Live ISS Space Walk Video on YouTube. It’s fantastic. As a space and rocket fan, placed into overdrive in recent years by Kerbal Space Program, I am loving the live video coverage of space operations that are becoming available online in recent years. I a am eagerly awaiting the SpaceX Return To Flight mission that is scheduled for the next couple of days. Hopefully it will go off without a hitch and they can move forward with improved launch statistics.

In other news, my first order of my Hol Food subscription has arrived. I missed having it for breakfast as it really makes me feel full for a few hours and it has enough fiber in it to help my guts feel good too. I have found that my diverticulosis presents fewer symptoms when I have increased dietary fibre and water intake. Hol Food makes it easy and quick to have a healthy fulsome snack instead of having crappy junk that could lead to kidney stones again since I’m still at risk for those apparently.

One final bit of news is that I have finally updated my timepiece. For a little while I wore a FitBit Charge. It was great, gave me some feedback about my sleep, but after about a year the strap delaminated and it was no longer on warranty. I had enough issues viewing and synching the data that I didn’t bother to replace it with a new one and have stopped wearing it.

Since I had the FitBit for a while my old watch’s battery had died. So I went out yesterday to have the battery replaced. While I was waiting for the battery to be swapped I looked at the display of automatic watches they had in the jewellery store. I had started by asking the lady at the store about the automatic watches but I think she assumed I meant mechanical only because that’s all she singled out at first. Mechanical automatic watches are a bit more expensive than the price range I had in mind though. So instead I reviewed a bunch of the watches in their mens display while she was swapping the battery in my old watch. I came upon the Citizen Eco-Drive line of watches, which are electronic but have solar panels in their faces so that they can charge their batteries just by being worn. I have small hands and dislike watches the size of my palm so I chose one of the slimmest watch bodies in the Eco-Drive line, but then I picked out the all black, most feature packed version of that watch in the display. What I ended up with is the watch pictured below.

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