Perhaps it is more accurate to state that Squadron has been renamed to Escadrille.

Just as I guessed this morning, once I sat down to actually do the name replacement, there was very little, other than a few docstrings that needed to be changed. To be honest the hardest part was renaming the repositories on Github or Bitbucket and then updating my local git repository to track the new URLs. Even that is straight forward though and went without a hitch.

Escadrille now exists. I am playing with fire a tiny bit - if I’m being completely honest with myself - because I have not actually registered the package on PyPI yet. That is the next step on the TODO list and the last blocking issue before I can say that the first release of Escadrille is out.

So even though I have made the git repositories available and the system is already building my own website I would consider the project an Alpha quality project at least for now.

My plan for version numbering, as with most of my other projects, is to release version 0.1 once I have the basic requirements in place. Then I will transition from pre-1.0 to 1.0 once I have enough documentation and testing available to call it production ready. So stay tuned, as I plan to blog my progress through not just Escadrille but my other projects too.

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