My project to re-write my website generating software is nearing it’s first major milestone, Functional Parity with the old system.

With this blog post I am now announcing that Squadron has achieved functional parity with my old website generation system and I have now deleted the old scripts from this repository. In addition to all that I have made the project public on github now, even though it is currently still in the pre-0.1 release state the functionality is pretty much ready to be used.


Background Ramble

My website has been generated by software for a couple of years now. However, the system that I had set up before was a smattering of python, bash and Makefile that did various, inconsistent things. The result was miraculously a consistent website, but it wasn’t exactly easy to maintain or change.

So last summer I slowly began a side project to replace the software with a system that would be easier to maintain, modify and manage going forward.

I called the project Squadron because I was being a bit clever and a bit shortsighted. The shortsighted bit was just that I wanted a preprocesser script to prepare input for the third party Pelican website generator system that I have been using for the heavy lifting in generating my website. The clever bit is that multiple pelicans in a group are called a squadron so if my project could allow me to prepare and run pelican multiple times to create my websites then it could cleverly be called Squadron.

Now, although the system still just does atomic tasks, I have ideas for making it more than just a wrapper for the pelican system. First though my main goal was to replace the old system, and now I have done that. The next step required before I can call it release 0.1 will be to reconfigure the repository slightly to use python’s setuptools for installation. This will make it simpler to start creating config files and generating websites.

One of the reasons the design of Squadron has come out the way it has is because I have my other projects in mind also. I can now continue forward in the near future adding tasks to Squadron that will make it easier to generate documentation and other types of websites for some of my other projects. Keep an eye out for those developments. As usual the announcements will be made here on my blog, although you will see the changes if you watch my new github repo linked above too.

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