No worries, I sort of knew this was coming but I haven’t payed attention to the need until now.

By that I mean that I already knew that there is a package that exists on the PyPI network called Squadron. They found the name before I did so I have no claim to it in any way.

It won’t actually be an problem changing the name of the project before I register it for PyPI so I’m really not worried about it at all. I’ve even already found a new name, I just need to get around to changing things over. The code repository will be the easiest thing to change. Slightly harder the Github and Bitbucket details can also be changed in a fairly straight forward manner. Even if that means I need to create brand new repos and push the full history to them, it can be done.

So what is the name that I’ve chosen?


It is the name of a "Small Squadron" in the French language. Typically it is used to describe a small, 3 or 4 fighter plane, squadron. It hasn’t been used yet and I think it is unique enough that I shouldn’t worry about it being a collision with another project at this time. In my mind, the best part about the new name is that it keeps the clever/punny relationship to then term Squadron as an identifier for a group of Pelicans.

More updates to follow; stay tuned.

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