"You wouldn’t download a car!" "Yes, if I had a 3D printer, why not?" "You wouldn’t steal cable TV!" "Yes, if I had access to somebody’s free online account."

Man the times have changed since that aweful anti-piracy commercial came out. As for stealing cable, I’m actually just borrowing the free streaming access that my parents have on one of their cable accounts so that I can watch curling.

I have strongly come to the opinion that I do not want to have a cable TV subscription under my name. The costs and the hastles are not really worth it for me and I no longer have the desire to watch most of what is available on TV the majority of the time.

The only exception I’ve found is curling.

I enjoy watching curling on TV. That said, it gets a little old going to the bar in order to watch the game. At the very least you still cannot go to games during the morning. So my parents shared access with me to this free online TV streaming service that Shaw apparently has included as part of the package that my parents have. This allows me to log in and watch TSN during the curling games and then get the heck off the television.

Win, win! I get to watch curling at home on my laptop, my parent’s service is not interrupted, and I’m only stuck watching the aweful TV commercials for the duration of the curling games I watch.

Now, back to the Brier…

P.S. Thanks Mom for sharing your access!

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