My sabbatical continues, summer continues to be summer, but now I get to play with a doggy full time for a few days!

That’s right folks, I’m dog and house sitting for Zach and Michelle, good friends of mine in Edmonton for a few days. They’re out of town until Monday-ish so Raven and I get to lounge around, chew on balls, and walk in the Mill Creek Ravine.

I’m also taking the chance to revisit some of the things I’ve missed about Edmonton. Yeah, you read that correctly, there are a few things I’ve missed about Edmonton beyond just my friends. Acme meats for their wonderful selection of high quality meats and their fresh sausages, made every Friday; I got me some of them for sure! Also, since Acme has now moved into the beautiful new Ritchie Market building alongside Transcend Coffee, I had to pick up a bag of freshly roasted beans so that I can avoid drinking all of Michelle’s coffee.

On Thursday I met up with an old friend from University and we tried out a pizza place that Dad and I discovered when he was out back in April for the World Curling. The place is called Rosso’s Pizza and it’s just accross the street, south of the High Level Diner on 109th street. When Dad and I went it was morning and we were making our way to the LRT so we could get to the curling event so we ended up just having something off the breakfast menu. The breakfasts were super good, and we saw a few people ordering pizza’s which also looked really good so I mentioned the place to Rachel. We decided to try them out, and were not dissappointed. I would say though, that the wine was a little expensive - over the top - for a place so close to the university. The rest of the meal was great though!

Whelp, Raven has had her breakfast now, and I have had my second cup of coffee. So I’m thinking it is time for us to go out for a walk to wear off some energy!

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