Fedora 26 has been out for a month and a bit now, it is time for me to take the plunge.

There are 2856 packages to upgrade between my current Fedora 25 and the up to date Fedora 26 package list. I really hope that my usual tools are all still working in the new distro because I’ve begun to pull the trigger and am in the process of an update attempt this evening.

Luckily the Fedora upgrade process is amazing compared to many other distro’s I’ve used before. I just ran the DNF command sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever 26 --allowerasing and we’re off to the races.

To be fair, you normally don’t need to use the --allowerasing flag but I usually end up installing weird programs that I don’t use but that cause issues for the upgrade. To help resolve the dependencies I allow erasing and then just look over the packages to be removed before accepting the change. In this case it was the game "maniadrive" that I have never played that caused the problem.

At the moment my computer is downloading and staging the upgrade packages. In a moment the process will finish and I’ll be told to execute the command sudo docker system-upgrade reboot which will boot into an upgrade environment and then fix everything up all in one shebang!

Fingers crossed, lets hope this works. In the famous words of many a Darwin Award winner, "Hold my beer, watch this!"

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