I have gone through the slow process of updating a brand new version of the Awesome WM config for my PC.

Well, it wasn’t that slow, but it was tedious. When I updated my PC to Fedora 26 there were a couple of newer programs that stopped behaving appropriately with my old config files. Of course one of the important ones, and one that I fixed first is the window manager (WM).

Looking at the new Awesome WM API it looks like they have object based APIs now whereas my old configs use arrays of dicts to do the configuration. This is definetly much clearer now, I’m all for OOP, but it meant I needed to do something more than just change a few method calls in my config.

I ended up taking the default Awesome WM config from "/etc/xdg/awesome/rc.lua" and comparing the method calls within to my old configurations. I then made appropriate changes to try and make the new awesome config behave much like the old one. One important change for me is to swich the behaviour of the "hl" and "jk" button sets. Since I use a dvorak keyboard layout, swapping those keybindings means I get to use my right hand for focus and my left hand for layout manipulation. Other than that some basic config option changes like border color and stuff, and finally some custom launchers I was pretty much done.

So far the new config seems to be working out swimmingly. At some point soon I still intend to comb through my config repository again to check for passwords and appriate anonymization and then I’ll make the repo public on both Github and Bitbucket.

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