Yep, that’s right. I’m trying my hand at being a stereotype for the summer; 30 years old, jobless, and living in my parents basement.

So far things are fairly relaxing. Since getting laid off from Dell, I have been taking some time to visit family and for myself. In some weird sense I guess I’m looking back at my current work experience and still trying to decide what I want to be when I "get older", so to speak.

Since getting laid off back in January, I went and did some travelling to BC in order to visit family for a few weeks in February and March. My grandmother - on my Dad’s side - was quite sick and passed away on March 1. (Miss you G’ma!) I also spent a few weeks visiting my parentst back in Quesnel. Then eventually the lease on my roach infested apartment was up at the end of May and I took my parents up on their generous offer to let me move home to save on monthly costs for a little while. Since then I have either been couch surfing at Zach and Michelle’s place in Edmonton or back in Quesnel trying my best to enjoy the summer. I haven’t had such a tan in quite a few years!

I have also been working on a number of programming projects of mine. You can check them out on my Github account - linked on the side of the page. The main project so far has been my website generator software. I have a laundry list of features and such that I want to add to that. Eventually though I want to get back to both the space strategy game and the audio generator projects that I also have on the go. Both are also available on Github.

I’m slowly working through my resume stuff and trying to decide on a game plan for starting my job search in earnest soon. I have some travelling planned at the end of July and beginning of August so I will start the hard part of becoming an adult again later in August.

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