Well the update to Fedora 26 went swimmingly. All the packages have been updated to the latest version.

However, that means that some of my software config files are now in outdated formats. It seems that I haven’t changed anything in my Window Manager (AwesomeWM) config since last November, and then was only to add some basic keybindings. AwesomeWM is now running 4.2, and some of the keybindings seem to have their dependent library APIs changed in ways that make my old config invalid.

Similarly my tmux config is out of date.

On top of all that I have some SystemD units that I would like to change. I currently have timer units starting their respective programs either periodically or some set time after boot. I think I want to change many of those to be manual and then add launchers to my Awesome WM panel.

So I guess the update has given me a couple of chores. On the bright side the latest version of the Awesome WM wibox icons look great.

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