Whelp, I have definitely been sitting on my butt for the last little while. It is time to change that.

As of January 11th, 2018, I have been unemployed for 1 full year. That said I am still on EI for a little bit longer, but not much. It is definitely time to ramp up the job search and re-dedicate myself to my programming projects rather than enjoying my time off.

I have been extremely lucky this past 12 months. Despite being layed off, the timing was better than one could have hoped for. I had a bunch of savings, but had not yet commited to something like the purchase of a house yet. Then my parents offered to let me move home to the basement in Quesnel in order to help me reduce my costs. Add to that the much cheaper storage prices in Quesnel versus Edmonton for the rest of my junk and I have been in a pretty good place this year.

In all honesty, I needed this time off. I was more than just beginning to become unhappy with my lot in life, I was down right grumpy, depressed and was even beginning to resent and detest my job. I’m mentally in a much better place now and I largely credit my ability to explore my own needs and desires over the last year. Using my time off I did make small attempts at continuing my programming projects but my attention span wasn’t very long and I was pretty flaky in keeping that up. For the most part I played some video games and did a lot of reading over the course of my time off. I have created a pretty extensive ebook collection and reading list that I will continue to plow through.

Now however, I feel the need to refocus while I continue to explore the potential of the job market. I want to make big progress on some of my programming projects too.

  • Escadrille is now useable but still relies on the Pelican project to build a website. I want to use docutils and jinja2 to develop my own site generating system using the task system provided by Escadrille.
  • My untitled space game is still interesting to me. There are a number of client/server as well as threading type challenges that I want to tackle. Eventually I believe it could be a fun place to play around with writing AI bots too.
  • Potty_Oh: The music generation system that I have written is also ripe for deeper exploration into audio signals processing in order to determine things like merging two instrument voices into a single waveform or creating audio effects similar to those created by various guitar pedals. From a mathematical standpoint I find these to be interesting problems and questions that I have the tools to explore.

Those are the three main projects that I will continue to work on and post updates here about. Keep an eye on this blog for more updates on those projects down the road.

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