A quick glance online will give you a rough idea for what order some people recommend Isaac Asimov’s works to be read in. However, I have found that I have many more books and related works in my e-book library and wanted a more complete list. Here is the result of my research…

Reading order listing of books and series related to each other through the same fictional universe:

  1. Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain (Set before Robot Series, implies being part of the Robot Universe by mentioning parts of the positronic brain)
  2. I, Robot (Stories also in The Complete Robot)
  3. The Rest of the Robots (Stories also in The Complete Robot)
  4. The Complete Robot
  5. Robot Dreams
  6. Robot Visions
  7. The Positronic Man
  8. Caves of Steel
  9. The Naked Sun
  10. The Robots of Dawn
  11. The Robot City Series
  12. The Robots and Aliens Series
  13. Mirage
  14. Chimera
  15. Aurora
  16. Robots and Empire
  17. The Caliban Series
  18. The Stars, Like Dust
  19. The Currents of Space
  20. Pebble in the Sky
  21. Prelude to Foundation
  22. Nemesis
  23. Forward the Foundation
  24. Foundation’s Fear
  25. Foundation and Chaos
  26. Foundation’s Triumph
  27. Foundation
  28. Foundation and Empire
  29. Second Foundation
  30. The End of Eternity (Sort of tied to the universe. Appears to come after Pebble in the Sky and The Currents of Space but before Foundation’s Edge.)
  31. Foundation’s Edge
  32. Foundation and Earth

Listing of other books and series that do not appear to be related to the list above:

  • Nightfall
  • The Gods Themselves
  • The Norby Chronicles (aimed at young adults)
  • The Lucky Starr Series (aimed at young adults)
  • Robots in Time (aimed at young adults)
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