A set of galleries with lots of pictures of the winter 2017-2018 Dragon Lake Curling Rink that my Dad constructed. He builds one every year, but this year I got to watch the progress from the sky with my DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter.

The weather at the beginning of the year was weirdly warm. So the ice on the lake would form, then blow off; form, then blow off. I don’t remember how many times the ice blew off but by the time it stuck around it was later than usual. Finally we had enough cold weather that the ice got thick enough; but then it dumped some snow.

Coming up on Christmas, Uncle Shorty was here to help Dad with flooding of the rink.

During Christmas Day they had the rings painted and another top flood all done in and amongst cooking the turkey and opening gifts and what-not.

Finally, by boxing day the rink was not only ready, but it was put to use. We had the whole fam-damn-ly over and braved the < -25C temps for a few games of lake curling.

After a few days of disuse, a small bit of snow was shoveled off then warm water and a mop was used to bring the surface of the ice back to lake curling quality.

Eventually, near the end of January, we would get enough snow for Dad to give up and let the rink go…

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