I am trying a new-ish blogging process.

Technically it is more of a "technological regression" because I’m going from all digital blogging to adding an analog component to my process.

For a long time I have used Dropbox to store my blog post drafts. This allowed me to write a post on my desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. It worked great. Or I should say works great. The problem is that, for some reason, I have rarely done any writing other than in my text editor straight into git on one of my computers. Don’t ask me why I have always done it that way, it just ended up being my most common method of writing my blog posts.

I’m not really getting rid of that ability. The automation still supports all that, however, what I am adding into the mix is a physical, paper notebook, that I can just jot ideas and whole blog post drafts into. Then occassionally I will transcribe the posts into git.

My hope with this exercise (experiment?) is to try and encourage myself to write more posts, even if they are smaller, more often. We’ll see how this goes. Perhaps I’ll add a transcribed date to the posts that are written this way so that I have the data to see how it works out later on.

transcribed:2018-02-26 16:20
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