The weather outside over the weekend was, to say the least, cold.

Over the last three nights or so it went down to -27 or -28C. Normally that’s no issue. We have a wood furnace, so we just build a fire and put on a sweater. However, over the Holidays and January, our indoor wood supply has dwindled. We have a ton of split wood outside though so I have spent an hour or two, a couple of times over the past few days, to restack some wood inside.

I got smart today though and began bringing in loads of wood on the sled Dad uses for his pump and curling rocks during the winter.

Now I should have enough wood for a couple more days. I don’t want to go too crazy and tire myself out though because I have curling tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday.

I’m on my own this week because Mom and Dad have gone to Florida for the first NASCAR races of the year, "The Clash" and the "Daytona 500". Being on my own for a bit is kind of nice. It let me improve my setup for watching the Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling while playing DnD online.

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