I have been trying over the last few days to go for another flight but the weather has not been cooperating.

Even though the Mavic Pro is fairly powerful and does better than other aerialphotography platforms in the wind, it is still just that, an aerialphotography oriented quadcopter. As such, I tend to prefer quieter winds in the trees around our yard because it often means when I fly up higher there is also light wind.

In fact when flying in standard GPS mode, the wind will blow the quad hard enough to cause the flighth computer to hit emergency stop and the thing goes into an immediate hover and forces you to move the sticks back to the center to take control again. One way to avoid that is to use Sport mode but your camera work is compromized by the extra agility and there is more potential to have an accident.

That said, my Mavic has been through quite a lot and seems to keep ticking. I have replaced it once in the process using the DJI replacement plan thing, whatever it’s called. In the first week that I had it I flew it - using sport mode so the sensors could not help me - at full speed into a soccer goal post. This broke the gimbal and a few other things and was where I used the replacement plan. Yep. I used the replacement plan in the first week.

Don’t expect to buy your first quadcopter and not make some mistakes.

After that though, I’ve had a few smaller falls. Some using sport mode, one was the result of low ambient light so the sensors didn’t kick in when I lost orientation and flew the wrong way.

Once I figured out how to reset the gimbal back into the finicky vibration dampening mechanism - and replaced my props - things started going a lot better. I also have more practice now.

I’ve started taking and keeping and sorting all of the pictures and video that I take with the Mavic Pro and will soon be putting up another dedicated website to my flights. I also want to start putting a few basic videos up on YouTube as I collect worthy material.

Here are some shots of stuff charging up waiting for the weather to be just right…

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