For somebody who didn’t register in any curling leagues this season I have done a fair bit of curling. This week in particular was full of curling.

To start, just after Christmas Dave P. asked me to help fill out a new Monday night team for the rest of the year. The other people on the team were curling on Fridays but that was a half season fun league.

Then Colin Shpak asked me to fill a vacant position on his wednesday night team. So now, I guess, I’m technically curling in those two leagues for the remaining couple weeks in the season.

On top of those two days though, I did even more curling this week. Mom and Dad were down in Florida for the NASCAR races last week and they didn’t get back until late Tuesday night. As such, I ended up filling in for Dad on his Tuesday night team.

… but wait, there’s still more…

The big Pulpspiel was this weekend, which Dad has been roped into curling in. (Dental pulp counts too right?) However, to make up for their time off Mom and Dad worked on Friday; meaning that I had to fill in for Dad in the first two games of the spiel.

Last but not least, Blair Hedden was one of the organizer’s of the spiel and thus had to run the registration and skills competition for the spiel on THursday night. Therefor, I filled in for Blair on his Thursday night mixed league.

So there we go, 6 curling games in 5 days. The moral of the story is:

If you wish to do lots of curling for practice don't
bother registering in more than a couple of leagues.
If you put your name on the spares list you will
have more games than you can shake a stick at.
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