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More Minor Additions to the Site

A quick note on a few more tiny additions that were recently added.


KSP, Linux and Joysticks

If you know anything about my video game habits you’ll know that over 90% of my time is spent playing Kerbal Space Program.


Mac Unboxing - 2016-01

The opening of my new Apple Laptop.



This repo contains various music references, song lyrics, and cheet sheets.


Quick New Script for Updating the Site

Here’s a look at how I go about automating common workflows that I find myself repeating.


Small Changes to the Site

Evolution is never complete. A tinkerer is never finished. A perfectionist never satisfied.


Made it Home, and My Luggage Too!

Whelp my yearly Christmas trip home to BC has come to a close. This year also marks the first time a second piece of luggage was checked for my return flight.


Colin Hay - Overkill

Dispatch - The General

Extreme - Hole Hearted

Jack Johnson - Good People

Nickel Creek - Spit on a Stranger

Nickel Creek - This Side

The Band - The Weight

Procrastination Wins Again

You’d think I’d have learned better by now. I guess I just keep putting it off though.


Write a UDEV Rule To Give Your NICs Simple Names Again

Are you like me? Do you also find it hard to remember that your ethernet port is named "enp3s0"? Here’s a quick way to rename your NICs with a UDEV rule.


Curtis Sand - We’re Not Safe

Stabilo - Everybody

Systemd + Laptop Lid Switch

I have been using the xfce4-power-manager to manage the power profile on my laptop at work. I’ve been noticing lately that when I undock the laptop and close the lid the system goes into suspend regardless of the options I’ve set in the xfce4-power-manager.


NetworkManager + Awesome + PolicyKit

Sometime last week I lost the ability to manipulate my laptop’s network state through the nm-applet in the wibox panel that I have set up in my Awesome WM config. Apparently the latest version of the NetworkManager has changed the policykit requirements for aquiring appropriate access to the dbus.


Searching for Laptop: didn’t really find what I expected

The laptop market is doing weird things to my head. After looking around for a laptop that suits my needs and that I can run linux on I find myself looking in places and to companies I never thought I’d gravitate to.



Dropbox Blogging

Posting new things to me website is easy to do from a PC. I’m still looking for a way to easily post updates from my phone.


Adventures With Systemd Abbreviated

This blog is an abbreviated version of my day today… The TL;DR would be: systemctl --user is uber frustrating so just use the system config and get over yourself.



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