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Made it Home, and My Luggage Too!

Whelp my yearly Christmas trip home to BC has come to a close. This year also marks the first time a second piece of luggage was checked for my return flight.


Colin Hay - Overkill

Dispatch - The General

Extreme - Hole Hearted

Jack Johnson - Good People

Nickel Creek - Spit on a Stranger

Nickel Creek - This Side

The Band - The Weight

Procrastination Wins Again

You’d think I’d have learned better by now. I guess I just keep putting it off though.


Write a UDEV Rule To Give Your NICs Simple Names Again

Are you like me? Do you also find it hard to remember that your ethernet port is named "enp3s0"? Here’s a quick way to rename your NICs with a UDEV rule.


Stabilo - Everybody

Systemd + Laptop Lid Switch

I have been using the xfce4-power-manager to manage the power profile on my laptop at work. I’ve been noticing lately that when I undock the laptop and close the lid the system goes into suspend regardless of the options I’ve set in the xfce4-power-manager.


NetworkManager + Awesome + PolicyKit

Sometime last week I lost the ability to manipulate my laptop’s network state through the nm-applet in the wibox panel that I have set up in my Awesome WM config. Apparently the latest version of the NetworkManager has changed the policykit requirements for aquiring appropriate access to the dbus.


Searching for Laptop: didn’t really find what I expected

The laptop market is doing weird things to my head. After looking around for a laptop that suits my needs and that I can run linux on I find myself looking in places and to companies I never thought I’d gravitate to.



Dropbox Blogging

Posting new things to me website is easy to do from a PC. I’m still looking for a way to easily post updates from my phone.


Adventures With Systemd Abbreviated

This blog is an abbreviated version of my day today… The TL;DR would be: systemctl --user is uber frustrating so just use the system config and get over yourself.



40 Minute Commute

My 10 minute drive to work was actually a 40 minute adventure in bumper to bumper traffic this morning.


HTC Sense, you suck!

You know the HTC Sense home screen sucks when upgrading HTC Sense messes up the home screen layout of my OTHER home screen app.


Silence Sneakers With Ground Baby

Barbaric, I know, but there really is no substitute for the powder of babies.


Today Was Brought To You By The Letter, Juice

I may not have a juicer or even a blender but that doesn’t stop me from having lots of choice for my liquid imbibment.


TIFU, and Now I Need to Go to The Keg Again!

What a punishment.


Forced into the Office

So much for working from home today.


Space Reaches Version 1.0

Hooray, the python game that I’ve been working on, Space, has reached version 1.0.

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