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A random collection of links that I change on a whim.

Internal Links:


Space is an open source game written in python that I started as a side project.

A fiction story I’m working on. "Space" is just a working title for now.

Misc External Links:

Music, Albums, Artists, etc:
Stuff To Blow Your Mind Recommended Reading lists:
VirtualBox 5.0
Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)
This page is supposed to make online advertising less personal and cumbersome:

I want to learn more about BTRFS. Over the next little while I’ll be doing research and experiments to that end. A dedicated page may be needed but I’ll start with a few links here:

CPP Con:
NVidia on Linux
Exploring the Linux Storage Path - Tracing block I/O Kernel events
IPTables information
Even more IPTables information.
A 45min lecture about an alternative view of Agile by Erik Meijer.
A Whitepaper that examines the Ballmer Peak concept w.r.t. creative acts.
An article about some kernel investigation tools used by the Netflix developers.
A link to some performance tools developed and used by Netflix devs.
I want to check out a few more of the bands on this list!
Looks like a decent page on C++’s "const" keyword and the details/pitfalls of its use.
My go to reference for C++
Ten string classical guitar. Narciso Yepes.
The commenting system that I’m using on my website.
A website analysis suite that I have been meaning to install.
Not sure how to describe this. Just go see for yourself.
An interesting looking reedit image scraper script in python.
a CPP yaml reader/parser library I should look into.
Python script that runs the suite
Looks like a good article on the interpreter. Go to to find the answer to the conversation Terry and I had on Fri. June 13.
Digital Signal Processing for Audio Effects
A lightweight C++ gui framework.
Crytpography class offered by Stanford
An online rst editor.
How to install a self signed SSL certificate in nginx.
Javascript for pythonistas
Blog Recommended by Dale H.
Perl source for the when calendar application
HTML5 Vim re-write
Git client solution that works for android
Git client written in pure python 2.7
A great tutorial on basic usage of SQLAlchemy
Seems like a decent JavaScript reference site
Blog recommended by Dale H.
Interesting CoreOS article recommended by Dale H.
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