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Audible Defects

I’ve finally done it! I’ve connected the pieces that I’ve been working on for the last 2 months and I can now generate audio out of data in our defect database at work.


Atom Editor (and my rambling Programming Tool History)

I’ve started on a bit of an exploratory journey into the realm of one of the popular "modern" text editors that I have heard so much about in various blogs that I follow.


Intentionally Broken Website… For A Brighter Future?

I have taken the plunge and have dived into a series of changes to my website code.


Quick New Script for Updating the Site

Here’s a look at how I go about automating common workflows that I find myself repeating.


Space Reaches Version 1.0

Hooray, the python game that I’ve been working on, Space, has reached version 1.0.


Editing GPG Encrypted Files: encedit

Recently I have been playing with GPG and using it to encrypt files. After a while, I found that I tended to follow a common workflow when editing an encrypted file. So, I wrote "encedit", a bash script, to automate the process for me.

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