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Can’t Sleep: Fly Spaceships Instead

I have been awake for nearly an hour already today and it’s still only five in the morning.


ED: Functional Type-7, Trading for Profit

Haulin’ normal goods can be the most profitable gig if you have enough room in your cargo hold.


Update on Elite Dangerous

A quick update on my ED account and what I’ve been up to in our future universe.


Trading Rares in an Asp

Okay, I admit it I broke down. I have now purchased Elite Dangerous twice.


Becoming a Space Investor

Elite Dangerous has grabbed me. They got me hook line and sinker. It is very much the type of game that I can lose myself for hours playing. When I first bought the game, I started playing sometime in the early afternoon. The next thing I remember - in real life, an least - it was midnight.

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