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My Scripts on Mac

The Mac terminal might use bash - at least as of El Capitan versions it does - but that doesn’t mean that all of the terminal tools are the familiar GNU versions.


More on Caps Lock and CTRL

Okay, I gave up on Caps Lock altogether.


Swapping Caps-Lock and the CTRL Key

For years I have used mostly full sized keyboards that have allowed me to use my palm on the CTRL key. Since that doesn’t work on my mac, I’m trying to swap the CTRL and Caps Lock key to see if that helps.


Intentionally Broken Website… For A Brighter Future?

I have taken the plunge and have dived into a series of changes to my website code.


Mac OS X

A growing list of things I’ve learned so far.


The Dark Side Has Arrived, Time to Dive In

To all the anti-mac hold outs out there: "Jump on, the bandwagon still has room!"

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