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Escadrille Has Been Renamed

Perhaps it is more accurate to state that Squadron has been renamed to Escadrille.


Squadron Needs a New Name Already

No worries, I sort of knew this was coming but I haven’t payed attention to the need until now.


Squadron Has Achieved Parity!

My project to re-write my website generating software is nearing it’s first major milestone, Functional Parity with the old system.


Site Update: the first

It has been about a week now and a bunch of little changes have occurred on the site. I can’t itemize them all but I can talk about what I’m working on. Most of the changes that I have been making are focused on tweaking the appearance of the site and the behavior of the scripts that I have.


First Poop Post

Oh yeah, postin’ from the pooper! Boy oh boy am I login it up these days. (I apologize for that one) Friends don’t let friends poop post!

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