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Escadrille 0.2 Is Out

I have finally gotten around to cutting release 0.2 of my escadrille project.


New Awesome Config is Awesome

I have gone through the slow process of updating a brand new version of the Awesome WM config for my PC.


Escadrille Has Been Renamed

Perhaps it is more accurate to state that Squadron has been renamed to Escadrille.


Squadron Needs a New Name Already

No worries, I sort of knew this was coming but I haven’t payed attention to the need until now.


Squadron Has Achieved Parity!

My project to re-write my website generating software is nearing it’s first major milestone, Functional Parity with the old system.


Atom Editor (and my rambling Programming Tool History)

I’ve started on a bit of an exploratory journey into the realm of one of the popular "modern" text editors that I have heard so much about in various blogs that I follow.

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